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Why do we need your information?

The information you provide allows us to better satisfy your request for information, notifications, and our products or services.

Do we disclose information to outside parties?

No. The information you provide is private and confidential. Your information is not sold or shared with any third-party organizations. We may, however, share information with subsidiaries and affiliates, in order to serve you better. These subsidiaries and affiliates have the same commitments to privacy as outlined in this privacy policy statement.

What about subscriptions, emails, and notifications?

In some cases, we may employ reputable, data-processing companies, such as email service providers, to send announcements and electronic mailings. However, we limit the information provided to these outside companies and provide only what is necessary to perform a specific task or service.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, but it's completely anonymous, and you can turn off the use of cookies at any time by changing the settings in your browser.

How do I update my mailing preferences?

You can email to update your email address or name.

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